South Florida Real Estate Mentoring

The Flip Coachwill mentor you personally right here in South Florida. South Florida is the Real Estate Market that The Flip Coach started in and is currently doing the majority of his flips. Learn this business in the market The Flip Coach has done over 500 deals!!


This is an amazing opportunity to actually do deals with The Flip Coach!

Here is what Ryan is going to do for you to make sure you are SUCCESSFUL!!

  • He will put up 100% of the money on every deal!
  • He will partner with youand you keep 60% of the Profit!!
  • He will open up his entire Network to you!!

        • Title Companies
        • Contractors
        • Real Estate Attorneys
        • Hard Money Lenders
        • Buyers

As seen in

The Program is designed for you to get your first deal in 90 days!!

The Flip Coach owns and operates 

This is YOUR opportunity to see how a successful Real Estate company operates!

  • Spend time at the offices of FHS!!
  • Learn the day to day operations of a Successful Business!!
  • Visit REAL Fix and Flip deals with Ryan and the team!!

This is What You Get With My Real Estate Mentoring Program

  • Get Your First Deal In 90 Days
  • Do Deals With The Flip Coach In The Market He Has Flipped Over 500 Properties
  • Day to Day email support for 6 months!!
  • Coaching Call Support with The Flip Coach
  • Flip Coach Support For Making SellerPresentations To Lock Up A Contract
  • Flip Coach Partnership For Fix And Flip Properties
  • Full Video Library
  • The Flip Coach Booklets
    (should be a bullet point here) Flop or Flip Proprietary Software for Property Analysis
  • Flip Coach Property Evaluation and Value Formulas
  • Flip Coach Cold Calling and Door Knocking Scripts
  • Flip Coach Marketing Strategies
Multi Million Dollar Flip for Florida Homeowner Solutions

Multi Million Dollar Flip for Florida Homeowner Solutions

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Real Estate Mentoring (Local and National Options)

A good mentor can teach you a thing or two to do a Real Estate deal. A GREAT mentor will give you the knowledge and confidence to build a successful life as a Real Estate investor.

The Flip Coach

Searching for a real estate mentor? You've come to the right place!

Flip Coach Teaching NFL Players interested in Real Estate Investing

Your choice in who you select to mentor  your journey in real estate can make or break your success in the industry. Today I'll discuss what it takes to find an exceptional mentor—someone with the right expertise, teaching style, and commitment to your growth. Learn how to spot the mentor who will not just enlighten your path but also walk beside you as you climb the ladder of real estate success.

I'm Ryan Kuhlman, founder of Flip Coach, a national mentoring program helping real estate investors achieve their dreams.  I have mentored hundreds of students Nationally making successful Real Estate Investors in many states around the U.S. I also lead a local South Florida program that is more intense.  My students locally and Nationally have an option to come shadow me at my successful South Florida company Florida Homeowner Solutions.  If you are looking to sign up for either, book a call below and we'll explain how this works.

Why You Need a Real Estate Investing Mentor

A great real estate mentor is key to success, helping newcomers navigate the industry, avoid pitfalls, and fostering the next generation of skilled real estate professionals.

The ideal mentor should possess expertise in the mentee’s real estate niche, a commitment to professional development, and a compatible communication style and availability for an effective mentor-mentee relationship.

To find the right mentor, engage in networking, evaluate both free and paid mentorship options, and ensure to maximize mentorship sessions with preparedness and strategic planning for personal and professional growth.

How Real Estate Investing Mentoring Can Elevate Your Earnings

A good real estate mentor is like a lighthouse, guiding mentees through the choppy waters of the real estate investing industry, helping them navigate challenges and avoid common mistakes that often cause 80% of new agents to quit within the first year. Such personalized guidance can significantly impact your success in this competitive field. That’s why finding the best real estate mentor, or a real estate coach, is crucial. Real estate investing mentors serve as a sounding board, offering valuable insights through informed advice, moral support in tough times, and reinforcing learning from real-world experiences without spoon-feeding you everything.

The mentorship process is not just about the mentee’s development. It also has a profound impact on the real estate industry itself. It prepares the next generation of professionals, while mentors enhance their own leadership abilities, patience, and attentiveness. This fosters a culture of highest professional standards within the industry. Thus, investing in a mentorship relationship can sow seeds for a thriving future in real estate for both mentor and mentee.

I will teach you what I do! I make an average of $51,000 per deal! I have made over $10,000,000 Wholesaling and Flipping properties.

Identifying Your Ideal Real Estate Mentor

Finding the right mentor is like finding the right pair of shoes. It should be a perfect fit, comfortable, and suitable for your journey. The right real estate mentor should:

Have experience mentoring and teaching Real Estate Investing

Align with your goals and understand how to help you achieve them

Have a teaching style that works for you

Have a track record of success in the specific area of real estate investing you’re interested in

You’re not just looking for a mentor; you’re looking for YOUR mentor.

Keep in mind that not just anyone can be a mentor or a teacher. Just because someone is successful at something doesn’t mean they know how to teach you to do the same. The Heavy Weight Champion of the World my teach you how to box, but doesn’t mean you will be successful at it if they are not a teacher.

I have been teaching and mentoring for longer than I have been in Real Estate! Not only am I successful, but I know how to teach different personalities and communicate the information in different ways for different people to understand and learn.

Here are some key factors to consider in your search.

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Compatibility with Your Real Estate Niche

Your mentor should be someone who’s walked in the shoes you want to fill. They should have relevant experience in the specific area of real estate investing you’re interested in. Such expertise is essential for receiving appropriate guidance. Imagine trying to learn how to climb mountains from a scuba diver. No matter how experienced the diver is, their expertise wouldn’t be much help on a mountain.

The world of real estate has various subtypes, including the real estate business, which can be further divided into:

  • Residential real estate investment
  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Real estate development
  • Property management
  • Real estate brokerage

In addition, local real estate investors play a crucial role in the growth and development of these subtypes.

Each of these subtypes requires a mentor with relevant experience to provide tailored advice and guidance. So whether you want to dive into real estate development or explore other niches, your mentor should be someone who knows the terrain and can guide you through it.

Commitment to Professional Development

A mentor’s commitment to professional development is like the headlights on a car. I was President of the National Real Estate Investors Association for 5 years. I have also been awarded by the Mayors of Broward and Miami Dade Counties for my efforts in helping families out of Foreclosure.  Their commitment to learning enables them to:

Keep up with industry trends, regulations, and market conditions, thus illuminating the path ahead.

Share this knowledge with their mentees, thereby providing them with a competitive advantage.

Provide valuable insights into shifts in buyer and seller behavior, technological advancements, and regulatory changes.

A mentor who is committed to their own professional development not only uses analytics tools and subscribes to industry publications to stay ahead of market dynamics, but also engages in continuous education, networking, and industry events. This commitment is a clear indication of their ability to provide current and relevant guidance.

Accessibility and Communication Style

Finding a mentor compatible with your communication style and who is readily accessible is like finding a translator in a foreign land. It is crucial for a productive and lasting relationship. A mentor should be able to convey their knowledge effectively, while the mentee should be able to express their needs and questions clearly.

The mentor should be accessible to the mentee, providing:

  • timely feedback
  • support
  • answers when needed
  • within a mutually agreed upon framework

Mentors who are willing to invest time in regular meetings, demonstrating good communication and accessibility, can significantly boost the mentee’s professional growth, especially in navigating the complexities of the real estate market and becoming a successful real estate investor.

The Ryan Kuhlman Advantage

Having been in the business over 30 years, I have all the essential qualities for a mentor - ethical, generous with knowledge, and approachable. I foster an environment conducive to learning and open communication. I have been an educator and mentor for over 30 years. A good mentor can teach you a thing or two to do a Real Estate deal. A GREAT mentor will give you the knowledge and confidence to build a successful life as a Real Estate investor.

I am NOT just a mentor; I'm a mentor who truly cares about his mentees’ success.  That's why I put up all the money for my student's deals and share profits with them!

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